Sitara, A World Record holder Pakistani Girl

Sitara’s Achievement

Sitara Brooj Akbar, at the age of 10, passed six O’level subjects including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. She is the youngest candidate of the International English Language Testing System  (IELTS).  She Secure 7 bands out of 9 (maximum requirement of largest universities of the World) in testing system. She is the youngest student to do that. She is the youngest top position holder in O level.

About Her

Sitara is an Ahmadi Muslim girl living in Rabwah (Punjab). She is a fan of Dr. Abdus Salam (The only Nobel Prize Laurate of Pakistan).  She is a fond of Chemistry and aims to become a researcher in the field of Biochemistry (May her dream comes to true). She is working as a teacher in a local academy which is quite interesting.

Sitara Receiving her distinction

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9 Comments on “Sitara, A World Record holder Pakistani Girl”

  1. It’s incredible! Thank you for your blog, we can learn more about your beatiful country. Regards.

    • itspak1 says:

      It is not that we Pakistani are offensive people. Much caring loving and friendly people along with much talented ones as of that kid star.
      Your blog is also a nice one. Post about femininity was good.

  2. I did not know about Sitara, thanks for posting this story.

  3. iphonist1 says:

    Youngest (in the world) to pass O level in different subjects and now doing A level. Brilliant girl she is.

    • Dr. Rehmann says:

      She is really great young lady. I’ve lot of respect and regards. The government of Pakistan has different between citizens of Pakistan. The government still had no announced award for her. So she has excellent feature like Ali Moeen Nawazish and Dr Muhammad Abdu Salam.
      DrRehmann USA.

      • itspak1 says:

        She has not given any award yet by the government of Pakistan but it is not any sort of prejudice or class difference. At least I don’t think it to be. Hope she’ll secure it soon. Thanks

  4. Muhammad Mubashir says:

    Great to read about this young child who breaks the records i think its one of the intellectuals student in the world.

    • itspak says:

      Definitely she is one of the most intellectual children who achieve many things in life. We all proud of her. May she achieve much more than this.