Everlasting Ordinary Photographs

What is Photography?

Photography means to see the things from different angles and to take the picture of their best dimension. A good photograph is the one which depicts multiple stories by itself. Similarly the best photographer is the one who can create many stories out of a single picture.

About Photography

Photography is always thought to be the a fun to collect some pictures of nature. The pictures in this world may number millions of millions, perhaps more than the stars on the sky. But pictures can be categorized in many categories.


There are very few photographs which are cared, which are loved which are rewarded


There are even less pictures which become a part of the history.


But what about those millions of ordinary pictures which are always ignored and ignored. They are absolutely worthless. They are there to be deleted. They are there to be trashed. Who wants to keep them?

One among those Ordinary Pictures

Among those ordinary and unwanted pictures there appears a picture which you never want to lose and want to keep it for your whole life.

But why?

The answer lies in the fact that Photography doesn’t mean only to take the pictures to show the world or to tell the word that we can see anything from it’s different angles and we can capture the best dimension.

Photography Sometimes means

Photography sometimes means to take an ordinary picture which reveals your own story to yourself. No one likes your story except you. That’s why that picture is ordinary for others. But for you, they are your life, they are your best memories.

My ordinary life time picture

Sweets and Candies

A unique photograph

This picture is one of those ordinary pictures of mine, but to me it’s my life.

About this picture

I took this picture when I was a child. Once we cousins and friends went to a family tour to a hill station. Whenever I want to recall the memories of that beautiful journey I see this picture. It also reminds me my love for the candies and sweets when as a child. I’ve captured so many pictures to show the world but this is for me.

Your picture

Do you have an ordinary picture to recall your happy moments too?

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5 Comments on “Everlasting Ordinary Photographs”

  1. noirciplume says:

    As a photographer, I have plenty ;)

    • Hamza says:

      I love photography and I like so many pictures of mine but this was the one taken by me when I was a child. I like this photo for my childhood memories.

  2. It’s just a blogging game being past around, you have to click on the link I left, then If you have the time and want to, you can join in… Thanks x