The Prosecutors And We

The Prosecutors said in the court.

We are the absolute power over punishment or reward
The fate of the world is in our hands,
We keep the majority so from now we are the God.

Listen to the decision of this ruling court!
The way you walk in the streets having aroma of joy
The way you walk having lamps on
is the rebellion against the dark constitution of night.

It is advised to you to put off all the lamps
Or we’ll crush you under our feet.
We’ll change the stars
twinkling in your eyes to the tears.

If you would not accept our order
You will be prisoned for your remaining life.
You’ll live a hissing life like that of a moocher,
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Arfa, The Youngest Microsoft Professional has Passed.


Arifa Karim was declared the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional of the world in 2004, when she was just 9 years old. Arfa was born in 1995 in Faisalabad Punjab Pakistan.

Arfa karim yougest microsoft professional

Arfa karim at microsoft headquarter

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Professor Abdus Salam; A great man

Professor Abdus Salam

was awarded Nobel prize in 1979. He is the only Nobel prize laurate of Pakistan. He was born in Sahiwal in 1926 a backward district of Punjab, Pakistan. He belonged to famous and pious family. His father was in education department. In early life of him, Salam showed his intense love for learning. He secured the highest marks ever in Matriculation in Punjab university and got scholarship. He later worked as a Professor of Mathematics in Punjab university. Later on he was appointed as the Head of the University.

His earlier professional work

In his early professional life Salam made searches in the field of Dynamic Physics. He also made remarkable work in the field of Electrochemistry.  Salam introduced Nuclear fusion and Nuclear fission for the first time in Pakistan.

Major work of salam

He provided a theory that shows the unification of two fundamental forces of nature, strong and weak nuclear forces and the electromagnetic forces, one into another..From 1959, Salam had searched for such unity that takes place in them. In 1966, Salam and another scientist formulated the theory. Salam proved the theory mathematically, and finally published the papers. For this achievement, Salam, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1979. He died in 1996.


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