Arabs bulldozing stampede corpses; fake

On 24 September 2015 Saudi Arabia has witnessed the worst Stampede during Hajj after 1990 stampede. This deadliest incident took lives of as many as 1000 pilgrims and injuring a thousand more.
Reaction to this incident was not welcoming especially countries like Iran whose leader Khamenei asked Saudis for apology on mishandling the pilgrims.

On the other hand social media had shown outrage to criticise the incident by every means. Amidst this criticism a controversial image of stampede has gone viral which shows Saudis bulldozing the corpses of stampede victims. The image was shared and reshared many times on Facebook and Twitter even by some well known celebrities and public figures.

The bulldozing picture has been a source of strong case in favor of critics but to spoil the taste, the picture was fake.

This is the image which has gone viral doesn’t even belong to the stampede incident.


Firstly it has a water-mark which refers to the website which doesn’t even exist. The site has been renewed on 28 September after many months.

Secondly and most importantly the image was up there on internet even before 24 September the day stampede happened.
Lahj news which is an Arabic news Media had published this picture on 12 September following the crawler crane falling incident on 11 September.

Image found on Lahj news dated 12 Sep

The picture is up on social media even earlier than 12 September anyways which shows it doesn’t belong to 24 September stampede incident. On having a closer look at the image it shows the crane is not carrying the bodies but the raw construction material material.

The other image showing people piled off by one side doesn’t prove that they were piled using a bulldozer. Besides the video (mobile made video leaked by a pilgrim) shows when pilgrims rushed, the fell on one another and piled after suffocated to death.

Though this incident was a failure of management authorities and mishandling of Hajj duty personnels, the images shared are fake. No authentic source has confirmed the usage of bulldozer to lift the dead bodies.

Fifty years of war, a dire catastrophe worths not to celebrate

Seventy years are about to pass and we are in grave need of revising our history. Glorifying wars without being accustomed to their horrific consequences is a prevalent norm among our societies.

Now two nations India and Pakistan the all time rivals are to celebrate fifty years of a catastrophic battle which lasted for several days resulting mass casualties on both sides. To imagine how horrendous that war was it is enough to state that it was the second largest tank war after the World War Two.

There is a more resounding reason to not to celebrate this war, which is the immigration of 40,000 Kashmiris from Indian held Kashmir to Pakistan held Kashmir and other regions of Pakistan. They fled the war hit zone, mostly LOC and its surroundings to seek refuge in a peaceful place.

My father was one of those refugees who migrated to Azad Kashmir along with his Family. My grandfather who was known as Qazi, a word for respected members of village there was living a happy and prosperous life before war hit there. Leaving all the luxuries of home, their properties, their cattle and all belongings behind when they reached Pakistan held Kashmir, they had not even water to drink. They used to drink water from polluted Mangla Dam reservoir. The hope they came with was the betterment which they never witnessed and till today, after the passage of five decades those immigrants have not seen their hopes come true. From grandfathers to sons and grandsons and now great grandson are yet to get what their ancestors dreamt for.

A view of immigrants slums by the bank of Mangla Dam, Mirpur AK.

A view of immigrants slums by the bank of Mangla Dam, Mirpur AK.

We lost our first generation, ruined the second and now third generation is still facing the consequences of the war-forced migration. Those 40,000 immigrants are about 1 million now after 5 decades and hope what we and our ancestors have faced should never be witnessed by anyone else in the world.
This is what wars do to the humanity and we find no reasons to celebrate a war whose consequences are faced by our generations.
We expect India and Pakistan start another war. A war against poverty, a war against injustice and a war of peace.

Sitara Brooj Akbar, another world record

Sitara brooj Akbar

Sitara brooj Akbar in 2011. Image via

Sitara Brooj Akbar youngest in the world to secure 9 out of 9 bands.
Sitara brooj Akbar had once made her country proud a few years ago. It was 2011 when Sitara a 10 year old girl owned the record of youngest O’Level degree holder in Pakistan as well as in the whole world.
(Read that news here, Sitara, youngest O level in the world. )
Now in 2015 Sitara achieved another distinction. She became the youngest in the world to secure 9 out of 9 Bands in IELTS.

Sitara Barooj Akbar is the young talented girl from Rabwah, a remote city in Punjab Pakistan. In an interview she said that she is inspired of Dr. and she aims to work in the field of research of Chemistry like him and serve Pakistan in the best way for the betterment of the country.

This young girl is the symbol of Education and a motivation for the young girls in Pakistan.
Itspak Media congratulates her on her achievement.