Swat Valley traditions

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K2 mountain the second highest mountain of the world.
Beautiful swat valley
Nanga parbat the second highest mountain of Pakistan.
A gallery of all beautifull places of Pakistan.


13 Comments on “Swat Valley traditions”

  1. amazing pictures. did you take them yourself?

    also, i know about a video on swat that has been making the rounds on youtube. good stuff:


  2. Tess says:

    The picture of the fellow swinging off the bridge makes me dizzy!


    • itspak1 says:

      Really it was na? I also like that one.
      Thanks for your response.


      • Tess says:

        Oh yes! I’m imagining me (not) walking across such a narrow suspended bridge and looking down to see the scene so far far far below is very scary.

        One time in Spain my husband and I walked across a 3 foot wide (wooden) suspended bridge similar to that. But I only made it less than half way and he had to help me get back to the beginning. I was so frozen with fear! In Spain of course the mountains are not nearly so high, and they have no such deep valleys.

        Spectacular view, though.


  3. itspak1 says:

    Hi Tess If you can see it please contact with me. I’m in a deep trouble damn.
    (could not comment on your blog)


  4. itspak1 says:

    Thanks Tess
    Comments problem not solved yet but hope it’ll be solved soon.


  5. Jean says:

    Great photos, but this is a tradition because you visit it or what? I view tradition is an activity that one engages every so often.


  6. iphonist1 says:

    Yeah You can say it.
    Swat valley is one of the most beautiful places of Pakistan and most visitors are attracted towards it. Much snow here these days and still hords of people going there.


  7. Cris says:

    Beautiful photographs.

    But who is that crazy person on that suicide bridge? I can’t even imagine walking across it, let alone swinging on it like a crazy person. Holy crap!


  8. Hamza says:

    Oh the swinging person there? Huh.
    That pic was mailed by a friend of ours living in Swat. I was amazed to see that person. I don’t know him personally. May be administer did know him. This picture was so stunning that we made it our header image. We once went there on a tour. How beautiful place is swat. Rich in culture, full of mysteries, hill stations and most loving people. In which country do you belong? Have you ever visited Pakistan?