The Prosecutors And We

The Prosecutors said in the court.

We are the absolute power over punishment or reward
The fate of the world is in our hands,
We keep the majority so from now we are the God.

Listen to the decision of this ruling court!
The way you walk in the streets having aroma of joy
The way you walk having lamps on
is the rebellion against the dark constitution of night.

It is advised to you to put off all the lamps
Or we’ll crush you under our feet.
We’ll change the stars
twinkling in your eyes to the tears.

If you would not accept our order
You will be prisoned for your remaining life.
You’ll live a hissing life like that of a moocher,
asking for help from everywhere.

When we did listen to the order

We smiled and told them in reply.
that you forgot, we are the people,
who passed through the execution cell happily.
giving our blood to the lamp of heart to flame.

You’ll frighten us of the torture of prisons
but from where will you bring the billion of prisons?
You’re catching your last breathes in your own fire.
How can you put off sun with your minor blow.

Religion is also a puppet in your hands,
So you’ve sold Thy Lord in every shop.
It was also you who in order to strengthen their throne,
sold every karbala in every era.

You’re proud of stores of explosives.
We believe that we are the oceans of love.
You are proud of worldly wealth but
We are the owner of the estate of love

What we gain in the field of dedication?
The days and nights which are not bestowed in charity.
Seeds have to bear a lot of pains in soil first,
Flowers are not presented as a gift to the garden.

Limit your orders to your own self,
We believe there’s an absolute coart too after.
whose decisions are always acted upon and will always come to true
This is an absolute statement written since the beginning of time.