We want Peace not Pieces

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Peace (Depeche Mode song)

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We are the youth of Pakistan. We are the essential part of our nation. A nation who has more than 60% of youth. We are the pillars of our nation and of all and sundry. We decided to change the world now by ourselves. And we don’t want the interruption of any external or internal force.

We want peace

We want peace. We don’t want the external intrusions to make our home a peaceful place to live. We aim to make it a peaceful place by the true love. Not by the external or internal force. This is the view of our youth.

No Whites no Mullahs No Conspiracy

We were shown the illusions of peace in the past. We were told by the whites that they will bring peace in our country. But what they done with us? Instead of peace you’ve given us pieces. And we were told by Mullahs that they will bring peace but they have certainly failed to bring peace.

Please leave it to us now

We youth have joined our hands to bring the peace in our motherland by ourselves. We believe that there’s no other place of bringing peace except love. Love is the only way to make our country peaceful.

We are fighting against war

We don’t want war now. Please don’t burn the flowers in the fire. We are against this war. In fact we’re fighting against it. Peace can not be brought to the world through war. So please finish this horrible war now.

Peace song by shahvaar Ali

The peace song by Shahvaar Ali is expressing the views of youth.