Mother of all matches or festival?

The cricket match between India and Pakistan had always been consider more a festival than a match. People of both country love cricket. There’s always a severe contest between the two teams. And cricket fans of any country love the match between India and Pakistan. One reason for this is that both the countries had faced three wars between them in 1947, 1965 and 1971. This enhances the enthusiasm as well. That’s why this match is called “mother of all matches”

But this sport has done its role in mending the relations between the two countries. When we have a look at the semi final of the World cup 2011 to now it seems that the relation between the two countries have become better. In the past people of both countries thought India Pakistan Match as a battle but these days things have changed and the severe and harsh environment has been replaced by the friendly one. This has also mended the political relations between two countries and brought the people nearer.

There’s going the biggest Cricket tournament of Asia, the Asia cup these days. And a great match was played by India and Pakistan last night (18 March 2012). That was a great match to watch. India won that match by 6 wickets. That match has showed the true sport spirit and exhibit a friendly environment. We hope that sportsmen and other people of both countries will display the same discipline in the future. We want peace, we want friendship, we want corruption free matches.

The match spirit was all spoiled when Bangladesh defeated Sri Lanka and reached to the final of Asia cup. We’ll miss a great festival match.


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