23rd March, The resolution day of Pakistan Ohh I did forget…

Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore, where the Pakistan R...

Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore, where the Pakistan Resolution was passed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

23rd of March  is the remarkable day in the history of Sub-continent (South Asia).

The resolution day

On 23rd March, 1940 it was announced that the Muslim majority areas in India would become Pakistan. This announcement is called ‘The Pakistan resolution‘ and the day is known as ‘The resolution day of Pakistan’ and is celebrated every year.

The background of Resolution day.

Our concept of nationality is different from the western concept. For them geographical boundaries make the nation. For us ideology makes the nation. Before the partition of India the Muslims and the Hindus were living in one geographical unit.

Ideology of Pakistan

Ideology of Pakistan had come into being when the first Indian embraced Islam. Our ideology is firmly grounded in the teachings of Islam. Islam provides the basis for the two nation theory.

Need of a country

Islam arrived the Sub-continent with the arrival of Muhammad Bin Qasim and flourished well in the ten centuries to all over the Asia. The British conquered the whole Sub-content and ruled there for more than a century. They were looking to leave the sub-continent and were in the favor of making the India a single country. The Muslims were against the unity because in the case of unity thy would be deprived of their basic rights and would be treated as a minority under the rule of majority of Hindus. That’s why they struggled to get their rights.

On 23rd of March

At last  on 23rd of March 194, it was declared by the Muslim League party that the Muslim majority areas in India would become Pakistan . This was a resolution for them which define a goal. And Pakistan came into being after just seven years on 14 august


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