Happy 65th Independence Day of Pakistan!

English: Celebration on midnight (Pakistan ind...

English: Celebration on midnight (Pakistan independence) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is the 65th Independence day celebration of Pakistan. Wishing whole nation the greetings of the day. 

Pakistan got freedom on 14 August 1947. Since then the nation celebrates this day heart fully.
It is celebrated in different cities in different syle but with same spirit and joy.

14 August celebrations

The streets are lush green with flags and buildings are lighten with lights.


May You Live Long my beloved Pakistan.

Pakistani Flag wallpaper

Google celebrates the independence day of Pakistan. Good to see.

Independence day celebrations of Pakistan featured on google.com.pk


10 Comments on “Happy 65th Independence Day of Pakistan!”

  1. chsaad1 says:

    Happy independence day to you too. Bro! May our country prosper. Azadi Mubarik.


  2. arisbutt says:

    Azadi Mubarik to you bhai. Pakisan Zindabad. Nice! We are celebrating it in our college. 🙂


  3. arisbutt says:

    Reblogged this on آج کا پاکستان and commented:
    Azadi Mubarik


  4. majii007 says:

    Happy independence day greetings to you too. We have a dinner party here in Islamabad. Will you come?


  5. tabeerkanwal says:

    I love my Pakistan. Happy independence day to you and to all the nation as well. Nice post.


  6. Sadz says:

    Celebrate this day as it deserves. Happy independence day to you all. Proud to be a Pakistani. Nice post Hamza.


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