The WordPress Bloggers Union, A public forum

The two forums Off Topic and Showcase forums had been closed. And people are deprived of social activities and community.So there was a need.

So to get contacted with the people we want to meet and to create a community we have recently created a forum, The WordPress Bloggers Union.

Here you can post anything you want, comment on other’s post, promote your blog. This forum is visited by some senior members of so you can get ideas and tips from them too.

Advantage of Bloggers Union Forum

Whenever one posts a post on blogging Union forum it is publicized to the social media and hundreds of our followers see the post and chances to get more clicks.

You can start the interesting threads which were buried under off topic forum. We are trying to make it more public friendly. Any ideas will be appreciated.


3 Comments on “The WordPress Bloggers Union, A public forum”

  1. Val says:

    Er, senior volunteers have visited once or twice maybe. Did any of us say we will give ideas or tips? Let the forum take off first – if it’s going to – before promising anything.


  2. liatoren says:

    I think we must share about our experience and the problems we are getting. If we will share everything about our blog and what we are doing actually, we will get more visitors and most of those will help you out on blogging. what we can get from wordpress forum is suggestions to improve our blog.


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