Google Pakistan Search Engine Hacked

The Google Pakistan ( search engine was been hacked today. The initial reporters believed that that was just a bug caused when the mobile and other wireless  services were disabled for a short interval of time.

Within a few hours Pakistan telecommunication authority (PTA) declared that the site had actually been hacked by some international hackers and the search engine had been reconstructed and restored.

The search engine was believed to be hacked by a Turkish hackers group Eboz. The same group was involved in taking down of hundreds of other sites.

The early morning today the hackers broke into Google Pakistan search engine and changed the logo header with a picture showing two penguins on a bridge. They also left a message in Turkish.

What was and is their aim from hacking the search engine and other sites is still a question. Though the message left by those hackers on one of the defected sites says that they were just trying to highlight the vulnerabilities.

Whatever was their aim, this hacking has caused a real threat for many other high rated sites.
The boundless acquaintance of anything is dangerous. And the boundless acquaintance of web is HACKING!


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