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English: Regency Hotel, Mirpur, Azad Kashmir

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In order to ovate every Pakistani and to feel liberty to convey the thoughts and views of them, the peaceful people not terrorists.

About Blog

The blog is about poetry, photography, some great people and some news of our region. We are keen to write and write. But our main topic or best topic is going to be the photography. We’re expanding our blog to cover more topics. Wordpess is also a topic so we never bother to write anything about wordpress. Blogging is a good means of expressing thoughts and interacting with world. So we are looking to post only the best stuff. As we don’t believe on frequent stuff but the best stuff.

About Authors

We are two authors here, Hnsaifi and Itspaki. we are keen to write and to write some good articles. We live in Azad Kashmir, a state of Pakistan. People call it paradise on earth.


16 Comments on “About”

  1. Is it iphonist1 doing this blog? its Cool 😀


    • Pete says:

      What beautiful pictures! This is an unknown aspect of Pakistan..the world only hears of the corruption, poverty, in-bred cousin-marrying tradtions and backwards Islamic beliefs that keep the country in a disastrous state.


  2. Hamza says:

    Yeah iphonist1 (itspak) is the owner of this blog. I’m a co author here. Thank you very much for your compliment. I also went through your blog, an Islamic blog. I like the prays and some adages there.
    By the way from where were you referred here?


  3. itspak says:

    Yeah I’m the owner of this blog. Thank you for being here. Thanks for your kind words. Your blog is also great one. Why are you not on the forums these days?


  4. freddieMaize says:

    Hello Hamza,

    I have seen you quite a few times in the off topic forum. I’m from Chennai, India and would like to know about your experience since you are from Kashmir… We shall catch up sometime if you prefer. Got to go but shall visit your blog sometime when I’m at leisure..


    • Hamza says:

      Thanks Freddy!
      I also been seen you many a time in the Forums. I know you’re an experienced blogger. But I didn’t know that you’re from India or any Asian country since your name is quite English type. 🙂

      What you wanna know about Kashmir? It will be a nice thing to discuss. Have a good time 🙂


  5. Sheikh. Amna Rafiq says:

    Hey there! I’ve nominated you for “One Lovely Blog Award” hope you’ll love it and accept it… 🙂


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