Some Rare Animals Native To Pakistan 

MacQueen’s Bustard


MacQueen’s Bustard. image via Wikipedia


MacQueen’s bustards or Asian Bustards found mainly in Pakistan, in the deserts of Balochistan. These beautiful birds are hunted since early traditions for meat and as a sport which is the major cause for them to become endangered.



Markhor captured in Balochistan National park. Image via Wikipedia


Markhor is one of the most beautiful wild animals living in Northern areas of Pakistan. Markhor is the National animal of Pakistan. The long curled horns of Markhor give this wild goat a beautiful appearance.

Snow leopard


Snow leopard

Snow leopard in Kashmir. image via Wikipedia


Snow leopard is a worldwide endangered specie of animals with most number of individuals inhabiting in AJK, NWFP and northern areas of Pakistan. Snow leopard is National heritage animal of Pakistan

This cute orphaned baby leopard was saved by a Villager in Pakistan in 2005.

Pakistani Sand cat ( F. m. scheffeli)

Pakistani sand cat. Image via Wikipedia

Pakistani sand cat. Image via Wikipedia

This sand cat is native only to Pakistan. The cute looking cat is the smallest of all the wild cats in the world which inhabits in deserts of Pakistan

Woolly Flying Squirrel


Woolly Flying squirrel

Woolly Flying squirrel image via


The Woolly Flying Squirrel is the most interesting animal of this list because it was believed to be extinct since early 21st century until Vladimir Dinets found a couple of them in mountains of Pakistan in 2004. This is the biggest squirrel (1m long) and is found only in Pakistan. It inhabits only in Pakistan.